Variant Fit NYC| Master Personal Trainer Mike Michalski |


That has been my mantra since Day 1 at Variant and it’s at the core of my results-driven training methods!

After reaching a crossroads in my career, I had a hunger for change and a desire to forge a new path in the health and wellness space.  As a lifelong athlete and fitness and wellness junky, a return to my roots in fitness was not a surprising path to take.  The goal was to create a more holistic approach to fitness and grow a health and wellness community where I could effectively inspire and impact the lives of others.  In that pursuit, Variant Fit (VFit) was born, along with it’s core E-F-S system, built on Efficiency, Functionality, and Self-Empowerment.
I’ve built a successful career as a highly sought after Personal Trainer in NYC by blending my unique skills and experience into a complete system of physical, psychological, and emotional strength and empowerment.  As an elite Private Trainer here in NYC, many of my high-profile clients are leaders in their respective industries.  High-end service, value, expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail at all times are exactly what a client can expect every step of the way.  My relationship with my clients is the backbone of my business.  I make each client’s goals my goals, ensuring their comfort level, familiarity, and safety with every aspect of my training regimen.
In combination with that level of service is Variant Fit’s E-F-S system mentioned above.  This training regimen that I’ve personally developed will not only increase an individual’s endurance and energy, flexibility and fat loss, and strength and stability.  But, at the same time, it serves as a thoroughly Efficient, Functional, and Self-Empowering program.  No matter which of Variant’s many services you take advantage of, you can always count on a results-driven formula focused on bringing out your very best!