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Finding your new Personal Trainer has never been this easy!!! With the creation of our Variant Fit app, we’re now able to deliver our results-driven holistic approach to health and fitness to an ever widening audience. Our online training system intends to deliver the same results and level of service found in our private training services for a fraction of the cost. Whether or not you have access to a gym, we’ll customize a plan that fits your lifestyle and your goals.  No matter where you are at any given moment, we’ll be there to help keep you on track. Take it up a notch and supplement your programming with our virtual personal training sessions!!!
All of our monthly training memberships include the following:
– Personalized Progressive Monthly Strength + Conditioning Programs 
– Food Tracking and Access to Custom Meal Plans
– Unlimited In-App Support
– Extensive Exercise Library with Video Demonstration of Each Exercise
– Easily sync up your preferred health tracker (including Fitbit, AppleHealth, GoogleFit, etc.)
The sky’s the limit for how far you want to take it and how personalized an experience you’re looking for.  For some, it’s strictly taking advantage of our digital monthly training services.  For others, it’s supplementing the digital experience with virtual 1:1 training sessions.  For clients who live in/around NYC, adding in small group or private training sessions will take it to the next level by highlighting weaknesses and turning them into strengths.  Our HYBRID model gives you the client all the options at your disposal to create a curated program that best suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Our Variant Fit Training app is available for both iOS and Android devices