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With Personal Training, every client is different. The same can also be said for every Personal Trainer.  If you’re merely looking for a “gym pal” or “workout buddy,” I’m not the Personal Trainer for you.  On the other hand, if you’re ready to make a serious investment in your most precious commodity (your body), then I am absolutely the right Personal Trainer for you!
There’s no “one size fits all” structure in place with my results-driven training and holistic approach to health and fitness.  As your Personal Trainer, I’ll personally design a program tailored specifically to your needs and goals, and I’ll help guide you every step of the way.  You’ll never be bored with your workouts as I combine a wide-array of exercise techniques, approaches, and styles into your individualized program to help bring about the best results possible, looking and feeling better every step of the way.
I’ll be honest, hiring a Personal Trainer (like myself) is a significant expense. But,  it’s also an investment in yourself. You want to make sure you’re hiring the right Personal Trainer.  I’m incredibly passionate about what I do and extremely confident in my abilities and what I offer to all of my clients. When you hire me as your Personal Trainer, you can count on so much more than just our weekly training sessions together. With all of my personal training packages, you will also have access to a completely digital personalized training program through my Variant Fit training app to supplement our in-person sessions.
I want to have a significant and positive impact that goes far beyond our training sessions, working hard to deliver the results you’re looking for. We’ll build a results-driven program that accesses your greatest potential both in and out of the gym. While nothing comes easy, the results you’ll see will be a byproduct of the effort you put into it. This isn’t cookie-cutter training and I’m far from a cookie-cutter Trainer. I get serious results for my clients..  No matter what your goals might be, I know I can help you achieve them.  All of our in-studio training sessions will take place at a boutique private training facility located in Greenwich Village. In-home personal training sessions are available as well (depending on location).
***Duet/Partner training options available***
***All training sessions are 60 minutes in length and you’ll have the ability to easily purchase, book, and track all of your sessions right through our app***
Ready to get started with personal training? Or, are you still not sure if my services are right for you? Well, I want to make this process as easy as possible by allowing you to schedule a FREE 30-min virtual consultation with me. Go ahead and book your spot right HERE