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Do you feel as though you’re simply going through the motions in most fitness classes here in NYC?  Feeling like you’re not making any progress and want/need a more individualized approach to your routine?  Stop the fitness hamster wheel and start getting more results from the effort you’re putting in!!!
Our outdoor small-group training class, the “4×4,” was created to make personal training more accessible and completely change the way you experience group fitness.  The personal attention and structure reflect that throughout each and every class, and they are like no other group class out there, PERIOD!  These classes currently take place outdoors on Pier 46 in the West Village.
We keep all of our class sizes small in these 55-min high-intensity, high-efficiency, and high functionality total-body focused strength and conditioning classes.  Forget any idea you might have about a group class and consider these personalized training sessions for a fraction of the cost. Forget about being just a number on the floor or a bike. Forget about plateauing, as you’ll see (and feel) the difference in your body from one week to the next!
As an added bonus, you’ll have access to our training app filled with varying workouts each and every month and a variety of health tracking options to motivate you and keep you on track in between classes.  While the “4×4” is open to all fitness levels, we certainly push the intensity in each and every class. Because of that, classes are geared more for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Beginners are encouraged to initially start with private training sessions to establish a strong foundation before moving on to classes.
Our outdoor small-group sessions are more intimate and personalized than a large-group class, but still filled with as much energy, fun, and intensity as a large-group class. They’re the best of both worlds.  Detailed personal instruction and attention, great camaraderie and community, results-driven, highly-efficient, effective, and addictive!

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